Hello Decide

This update is a little late but to borrow from my favorite show, “Good news, everyone!”. Our little startup was recently funded and is now Decide. Read the full announcement on our blog.

I’ve been asked by a few friends how it feels after almost 2 years without pay, working out of coffee shops. I’d like to give this rousing speech about the power of hard work and the spirit of entrepreneurism but it doesn’t seem apt. I’ll save that for some time later. It feels too much like a beginning for that kind of stuff. Still so much left to do.

Honestly the best bit about all of it is the quality of people we’ve been able to hire. Not only are they the best at what they do but they’re good guys. It’s one of those cliches that’s totally true, getting to work with talented people you enjoy is what it’s all about. I don’t know how I’ve managed to trick them into letting me work at their company.

I remember all the blog posts I used to read about startups when we were first getting started. I’ll have to do a post about common startup advice that I’ve found to be true or untrue.

If you’re interested in working at Decide let me know. We’re still looking for awesome people.