People Or Product

I was happily using a Product A for months. I started to follow the people that built it, they seemed like nice people, I liked them.

Recently a competing product (Product B) was launched. Being a sucker for all things new and shiny, I tried it. It was functionally identical but with a better experience. Better in the way it gets dozens of invisible things right. I started to use it regularly instead of Product A.

A few weeks later, I read some distastful comments from the people of Product B towards Product A. In support of the people behind Product A, I started using it again.

That didn’t last.

I tried to convince myself that Product A wasn’t that much different. There were things it did better. More importantly, the people behind it were better people. I wanted to support them by using their product. That matters to me damn it.

Apparently not. Tonight, I started using Product B again. It’s undoubtedly better. I haven’t mentioned the names of each product because I don’t want to endorse Product B. I don’t want it to win. It’s a better product though and whether I like it or not, apparently, that’s more important.

Doesn’t mean I have to like it.