I’m 27

I turned 27 a few weeks ago. I think there is something significant about 27, at least it feels like it to me. I've been fighting the urge to write one of those long, self-reflective, overly dramatic posts about life and the pursuit of happiness but I'm doing it anyway and you can't stop me.

Things I'm Thankful For

  • I build stuff for a living. How rad is that? When I was 10, I asked one of my best friends who lived across the street whether he wanted to build a website. He said no and I think we rode our bikes to the grocery store to buy candy but that's beside the point. I've always been compelled to create and I'm doing just that.
  • I've had the privilege to do some pretty cool stuff, traveled a bunch, climbed the Great Wall, flown an airplane, rode a elephant, rode a giant sea turtle, hiked on glacier, rafted down a waterfall.
  • My parents are happy. Father works too hard but honestly he wouldn't have it any other way. Mother would probably prefer to see my brother and I more often but now that they're living back in Malaysia at least she's surrounded by our exceedingly large extended family. I should call her.
  • I've met some wonderfully beautiful people.

Things To Do

  • Explore! There are so many things to eat, places to be, people to get lost with, trouble to get into, stuff to learn, things to create!
  • Build something that is useful to a lot of people.
  • Stay optimistic! Life can wear you down. With each disappointment you start to shoot just a little lower, a way to ease future disappointment. It's a horrible way to live, hoping for less each year. I hope I shoot higher always.
  • Be a better me. I have lots of character flaws, it's part of being human. Life is kind of funny, it's school in reverse, you take tests first then learn the lesson afterwards. There's no a trick to it, be honest with yourself and put in a earnest effort to be better.
  • Do good! Teach, encourage, be generous, smile, inspire! We each have our parts to play, it certainly isn't quantity over quality or a competition. It's caring for people you'll never met, being polite to your waiter, making a outrageously big deal about your friends birthday, being a good father. We have a fundamental responsibility to be a positive influence.

I think this is the time where I share the magical piece of advice I wish I had when I was younger.. be happy. It's pretty simple. Do something your passionate about, be embarrassingly silly more times than you'll admit, enjoy the little things that happen everyday, spend time with people you love. I'm convinced that happiness is more a state of mind than a emotion. People who are happy choose to be happy. Be happy!