My Dad’s Life Lessons

The following is a letter my Dad sent me during Christmas.

No order of priority:

  1. A Job: Do what makes you happy to a point. If not successful, quickly change your plans.
  2. Finance: No matter what, the (capitalist) world runs on finance. Make sure you are highly capable and conversant. Invest early.
  3. Time is not a limitless commodity. NOW is the time to do it.
  4. Who: Both the size and quality of your network counts. It is not what you know, it is who you know!
  5. Your reputation is priceless: Don't damage it.
  6. Spend 25% less than you make. You will be less stressed.
  7. Where Live in the most competitive place in your chosen Industry.
  8. Boss or Employee: By far, try to be the boss, even a small business.
  9. Health: Nothing matters if you are sick and unhealthy. Period and full stop. Exercise and eat healthy.
  10. Finding a life long wife: Looks don't last, pick someone who is positive in attitude, a doer and vibrant. They last much longer.