Stealing Your Mom’s Password

It was the late 90s when the internet was starting to be more mainstream. Parents everywhere were freaking out about what their kids were doing on the internet, including my mom. We used AOL (remember when that was huge?) and she had the administrative account. That meant she could turn on the “parental controls” for my account to ensure I couldn’t “get into trouble” ie. talk to people I didn’t know, go to certain websites etc.

Well that sucks, that’s pretty much the whole reason I was using the internet. I downloaded a keylogger, a small program that silently records everything someone types on the computer, including passwords. I installed it on our shared computer and waited for the next time she used the computer.

Remember a keylogger captures everything that’s typed so it took some effort to figure out what was her password or a email she was writing. Luckily passwords typically standout among all the other text. It’s never in context, it’s never part of a paragraph, etc.

With her password, I log into her account, turned off my restrictions, made myself the administrator and turned on parental controls on her account.

To this day I don’t think she has any idea how I was able to do that. There’s a statue of limitations on being grounded right? Sorry Mom.